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Travel Suppliers

Travel Suppliers List

Suppliers play a vital role in operating any online travel business, be it a flight based business, be it hotel business, car business, bus business, cruise business or related. Everywhere Suppliers play most important role as they provide original inventory to the portals for enabling live booking.

XML/API Supplier Integration

XML Supplier Integration works as a connector between the travel agency, OTAs and end users. With the help of this integration, real time communication becomes possible between supplier and OTAs.

There are basically two types of integrations – Pull Integration and Push Integration Pull integration is about real time updating of inventory and supports higher traffic.Push integration, as the name implies, suppliers have to update about inventory details on regular basis.

We offer the integrations of your choice and as per your requirements. We also advise our clientele regarding the same and these recommendations of suppliers are based on their strong dominating geographical locations. This expertise advice is free of cost and we believe that this helps OTAs to serve consumers in a better way.

Here is the list of top third-party hotel, flight, tour package and suppliers that we commonly recommend for clients:



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