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Advance .Net MVC Training

.Net MVC Technology

MVC stands for Model View Controller have evolved to serve you what you were not getting with WebForms. In MVC a common controller approaches the entire page request while in WebForms every page has its own controller. In comparison to WebForms, You will get viewed and controller clearly separated in MVC results in the very clear output. Testability is the best characteristic of the .Net MVC resulting in easy test driven development. These features have made .Net MVC framework approaching framework for all the developers and is the best recommended to work with large projects having a large scale application.

Course Description:

MVC Architecture

Designing MVC 4 Web Applicatione

Developing MVC 4


  • Working with Data Model


  • Creating Views with Razor Syntax
  • Using HTML Helpers
  • Reusing Code in Views
  • MVC Master Layout


HTML Helper control’s

Structuring MVC 4 Web Applications

  • Configuring Routes
  • Creating a Navigation Structure

Applying Styles to MVC 4 Web Applications.

MVC State Management.

Data Validation

Ajax ,Ajax with Client Script, JavaScripteveloping

JQuery Collection.

Bundling and Minifications

Library and NuGet Packages

Partial View


Entity Framework with Database

Extension Method with Linq

Implementing Authentication and Authorization.

Windows Azure Web Services or Web API’s in MVC 4 Web Applications.

Creating Web API’s in MVC -4

Requesting JSON data with web services

Configuring and Deployment MVC 4 Application.

Test Driven Development with MVC -4.

Course Information

  • Cource Name: .Net MVC Technology
  • Course Duration: 3 Month/6 Month
  • Class Schedule: All Day
  • Class Time: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm